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01 February 2016
The comment of the partner Anastasia Rastorgueva and the attorney Shamil Shikhshaidov for

The order of application came into force on September 15, 2015 Code of Administrative Procedure of Russian Federation immediately caused a lot of questions from lawyers. Not long ago, the Presidium of the Armed Forces in the review of jurisprudence responded to the most urgent of them (judicial review of the Armed Forces on November 25, 2015 № 3; hereinafter - Overview). All answers can be divided into three groups: the fate of the cases, not considered until 15 September 2015, to confirm the credentials of representatives and others. Let us consider how the Armed Forces recommends the use of certain standards Code of Administrative Procedure Code.

14 January 2016
“Rules of war with collectors”. The comment of the attorney Shamil Shikhshaidov for

The worsening of economic situation in the country, the fall of the ruble and the overall negative trend in the labor market led to the fact that many people faced with the crisis and stopped giving loans and credits. In turn, there is a marked increase in the activity of collectors who seek by any means to force the debtor to repay debts. And these methods are not always legal.

07 December 2015
“Merciful Russian state still found a way to protect hospital patients from high-quality imported products”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov for the 'Company' journal

The government adopted a decree formulating the principle of 'odd man out': if in the tender for state procurement of drugs involved at least two suppliers from Russia and the Eurasian Union, the application of foreign suppliers would be rejected.

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