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25 November 2016
“Reasonable hard labor”. Olga Golodets suggests using of prison labor for the benefit of state-owned companies”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Company' journal

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said about two new ideas of officials, concerning labor law: to limit the migrant influx, from whom are only fiscal losses and the leakage of capital abroad, and allow to involve the prisoners to work in state-owned companies.

From January 2017 in Russia a new kind of criminal sentence for committing a non-grave crimes or for convicted…

19 April 2016
“Contract battles”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Rossiyskaya gazeta' newspaper

Pomorie leads in the Northwest by the number of high-profile crimes related to public procurement.

26 criminal cases related to the implementation of government contracts, has been raised in the Arkhangelsk region in 2015. Officers of various ranks, representatives of state-owned corporations and even the police became defendants in…

05 April 2016
“The bill on the reservoirs: and whether debtors pay with the bills, which are planned to carry out?”. The article of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Microfinance+' journal
04 April 2016
“The success because of the budget”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Company' journal

What can do and cannot do the Rostec Corporation.

In mid-March, Dmitry Medvedev announced that the procedure for granting state subsidies for projects in the machine tool is simplified. If before government funding was to give a third of the budget of the project and the recipient enterprises need to draw the remaining two thirds of…

31 March 2016
“Legal vitamin deficiency”. Comments of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for Kommersant BUSINESS GUIDE 'Medicine'

The key challenges of the market of dietary supplements today are questions to ensure their quality and proper regulation. According to representatives of industry, the regulations impose on Russia in this business an excessive burden. Lawyers also believe that make the industry more transparent will help strengthen control at all stages of production and sale of dietary supplements.