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Mass media

27 July 2017
“Moscow Regional Court decides to prolong the arrest of Olga Alisova accused of accident in Balashikha”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for IA Rambler News Service
28 March 2017
“Information toothless”. Comments of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for Kommersant BUSINESS GUIDE (“Medicine”)

Late 2014 the government updated its requirements for the content of health-care websites. Now they are obliged to furnish extensive data package for patient and regulatory body convenience. However, when state-run institutions, as they become aware of new rules, supplement their representations, private health care facilities seem not to know that these requirements are applicable to them as well. The situation in dentistry is the most critical; experts are warning – health care facilities face imposition of administrative sanctions if no corrective actions are taken.

28 February 2017
“Attorneys’ сommunity against a public defender service”. Comment of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for

Today, Vladimir Shepel, Head of the Vologda Regional Court, has proposed to replace state-appointed attorneys with a designated public defender service. According to Shepel, it would improve the quality of legal aid in criminal cases which is now leaves much to be desired. The attorneys’ community has responded negatively to the initiative: some are indignant that the initiative encroaches upon the principle of attorney independence, other note that the initiative will consume huge amounts of money which would be more useful if they were allocated for increasing salaries of state-appointed defense lawyers. The Federal Chamber of Lawyers (RFCL) recommends waiting until a professional standard for criminal defense attorneys is passed which would change the situation.

23 January 2017
“Evaluation and Agency Labour: how laws for employers will change in 2017”. Comments of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Delovoy Peterburg' newspaper

Lawyers and experts of the labour market told DP about changes of Russian laws that will affect employers in 2017. They mention as the main events the emergence of independent centers of work evaluation, restrictions on agency work, changing the rules of calculation of sickness benefits, increase of the minimum monthly wage and increase of the tax burden on the employer.

05 December 2016
“A drugs are protected by the state”. How the competition in the pharmaceutical market reduced”. Comments of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Company' journal

Russian pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but  drugs of foreign brands are still dominated on the shelves of Russian pharmacies.

Domestic producers are sharply increasing their share, but above all - in the field of government procurements. To this end, the government specifically protects them from competition.

Soon new obstacles…