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28 May 2019
V Law Science Competition ‘Servus Legis’ in the format of intellectual game “What? Where? When?”

15 teams representing legal practices and firms of Moscow and Moscow region, including colleagues from Krasnodar Krai, participated in the competition.  

‘Servus Legis’ is a challenging contest that allows to exhibit team cohesiveness, to test logic, knowledge and analytical capability.  

With every year the game becomes more exciting, the battle becomes more intense, questions - more difficult…

24 August 2018
Lawyer Shamil Shihsaidov commented on the initiative of VTB Bank on the assistance of lawyers with the purpose of lobbying bill.

This is due to changes in the current legislation. VTB intends to participate openly and transparently in the activities of various sectors of the economy. In my opinion, the involvement of a law firm to achieve the Bank's goals is the first and the right step for a clear, accessible and transparent lobbying by banks in the field of public procurement.

07 August 2018
Lawyer Shamil Shihsaidov specially for magazine "Health of Russia" have predicted the consequences of restrictions on import to Russia American medicine.

Shamil Shihsaidov explained that the production of most drugs to move to Russia is very difficult because of their characteristics. It is primarily about innovative products shown for the treatment of serious diseases.

05 June 2018
Lawyer Shamil Shihsaidov gives comments to the newspaper "Izvestia" about the responsibility of HIV-infected people for withholding information about his condition.

The number of crimes under the article "HIV Infection" over the past year increased by 75%. The Ministry of health in General recorded a decrease in the rate of HIV incidence, but to talk about his diagnosis is still openly solved a few. Why Russians have become more likely to be prosecuted for infecting partners and what difficulties the person who decided to start a lawsuit with the ex-partner.


30 May 2018
The lawyer of Moscow bar Association "Barschevsky & Partners" made a comment about whether the market of public procurement to fully switch to digital.

"Technical problems and failures in public procurement are primarily associated with the reloading of the Unified information system. Today, often numerous customer requests on the issue of technical failures of the system remain without attention of technical support. In my practice, there was a case when the customer support service sent letters describing technical problems, the answers to which have not…