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Mass media

26 August 2010
“Jury being selected to sue Chichvarkin’s ex-colleagues”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Business FM

Boris Levin and Andrei Ermilov are accused of kidnapping.

26 May 2010
“Alfa-Bank will help Nomos-bank to recover the pledge on PIK's owner Yuri Zhukov”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Vedomosti newspaper

Yesterday the Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of Moscow granted the claim of Nomos-Bank for foreclosure on 12.5% of PIK group’s shares pledged by its co-owner Y. Zhukov during the crisis in 2008 against the loan of 262 million dollars. The court assessed the total debt amount at 271 million dollars, while according to yesterday’s LSE share prices the pledged shares cost 228 million dollars.

14 May 2010
“Defending against depositor”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Vedomosti newspaper

Alexander Shukalov opened a savings (deposit) account with Investtorgbank in June 2009 paying the interest of 17% per annum. “On May 8, 2010 they called from the bank and were polite while telling me about some CB’s recommendation to limit acceptance of monetary funds from the people at “high” interest rates, according to which since May Investtorgbank could not accept monetary funds anymore”, he revealed. But when Shukalov arrived at the bank and asked for explanations, nobody remembered about CB’s recommendations: “They stressed that the depositor may replenish his account, but the bank shall not be obliged to accept money under the deposit account agreement”.

25 February 2010
Samvel Karakhanyan won the Award “Person of the Year 2009” in the “Contribution to development of legal coverage of economic liberties” nomination

February 25 the laureates of the International annual Award “Person of the Year 2009” were awarded in Kremlin. Samvel Karakhanyan, president of Barshchevsky & Partners Moscow bar association, was the award winning in the “Contribution to development of legal coverage of economic liberties” nomination.

09 February 2010
“Russian authorities to issue e-mails like passports”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for

An electronic mail address may be regarded as passport information. According to experts, implementation of this initiative will lead to strengthening of state control over the Russian Internet.