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Mass media

22 November 2012
“Orkla launched a chocolate war”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for 'RBC daily' newspaper

The Norwegian group Orkla has decided to raise the stakes with the Russian confectioners in the struggle with the 'Red October' factory, who have restricted their rights to the popular Soviet brands, including 'Alenka'. The company has filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court, a lawsuit against the group company to which other confectioners can join.

07 November 2011
“London court has extended the questioning period for Roman Abramovich”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Business FM

Now the businessman will answer questions during 8 days instead of five. The plaintiff’s goal is to prove that Mr. Abramovich owes 5.5 billion US dollars to Mr. Berezovsky.

13 October 2011
“Short-lived companies are in crosshairs”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Vesti FM

President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered to escalate fight against bogus firms. So far, the lawmakers are slow with implementation of the appropriate initiatives by the President and Government. Meantime the damage inflicted by short-lived companies amounts to hundreds of billions of US dollars.

20 July 2011
“Offshore business' owners will be asked to “unveil the face”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for Vesti FM

The Administration of the President of Russia is planning an attack on the offshore business ownership institution. The amendments to the Civil Code that will oblige the companies with the offshore registration and active business in Russia to disclose the information about the founders and beneficiaries to the tax bodies are now underway. Leonid Guryanov, Vesti FM correspondent, has reviewed consequences of the amendment adoption.

14 July 2011
“Rosagroleasing has given to Elena Skrynnik a week time for reflection”. Samvel Karakhanyan's comment for

A sudden conflict has developed between Rosagroleasing company and Vanino commercial sea port, on the one hand, and Elena Skrynnik, Minister of Agriculture, on the other hand. The matter may get to legal proceedings.