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Mass media

24 November 2017
Car owners are complaining to the strange tax offers. Comment of Samvel Karakhanyan, Bar’s president, for

Car owners are complaining to the strange tax offers. Comment of Samvel Karakhanyan, Bar’s president, for

10 November 2017
“How did the property tax increase and why it is better to pay on time”. Samvel Karakhanyan’s comment in Vedomosti newspaper

Tax service is expected to send out notices to the property tax, land and transport tax until the autumn, but residents of some regions, for example in capital, received them only in October. Some people complained that they had not yet discovered a notice of payment in the mailbox. If this is the case, then most likely the notification of payment should be sought in a personal account on the tax service website.

30 August 2017
“The Bar's attorneys managed to release the client from under house arrest right in the courtroom”

A resonant trial on the case of the Vice Governor of the Vladimir Region Elena Mazanko, held on 30 August in the Basmanny district Court, ended in favour of defence team. The subject matter of the court hearing was the prosecuting attorney’s petition to extend the duration of our client’s house arrest. Having examined the provided materials, the court saw no reason to uphold the petition finding the arguments of the defense team, Samvel Karakhanyan and Julia Zhironkina, more convincing. As a result, the petition of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was dismissed and Elena Mazanko was released from under house arrest.

29 June 2017
Samvel Karakhanyan and Julia Zhironkina have won the trial resulted in the court decision which is substandard for legal practice

Nothing in lawyer activity brings so much joy as triumph of justice and understanding that work was not in vain. Recently conducted trial resulted in the decision in favor of defense team is a case in point.

29 June 2017
“Reduction of interest on deposits tied to The Central Bank of the Russian Federation rate can be challenged”. Comments of Samvel Karakhanyan for Vedomosti newspaper

Deposits with rates tied to any market indicator, for example, the key rate, the refinancing rate, have been on the market for quite a time – not less than 10 years. But not all banks offer them, fearing claims from depositors.