29 April 2016
“Prohibition of certain actions as a preventive measure: pro et contra”. Article of Alexey Gurov, Bar's attorney, for IA RAPSI
25 April 2016
The attorney Pavel Khlyustov doesn’t find necessary the law on protection of honor and dignity of the President of the Russian Federation (
25 April 2016
The review of the Judicial board's practice on economic disputes of the Supreme Court for February 2016
21 April 2016
“How to pick up 20 billion rubles from the clients and legally not return them”. Article of the partner Pavel Khlyustov for RBC.Money
13 April 2016
“What can face a person during collecting the debt issued in the money”. Article of Pavel Khlyustov, Bar's partner, for RBC.Money
05 April 2016
“The bill on the reservoirs: and whether debtors pay with the bills, which are planned to carry out?”. The article of Shamil Shikhshaidov, Bar's attorney, for 'Microfinance+' journal