26 April 2017
“New stage of the domestic corporate law development”. The article of Pavel Khlyustov, Bar's partner, for Ezh-LAWYER newspaper
19 April 2017
“Some nuances of foreclosure if an owner has only one home”. The article of Anton Bozhko, Bar's attorney, for “Bankovskoe obozrenie” (“Bank review”) journal
14 April 2017
“The case of theft from safe deposit box”. The article of Pavel Khlyustov, Bar's partner, for “Bankovskoe obozrenie” (“Bank review”) journal
12 April 2017
“Ezh-YURIST” legal newspaper, has published the article of Yana Chernobel, Bar's attorney, entitled “Execution of obligations by a third party: harm or benefit?”
31 March 2017
“How to split a debt with an ex-spouse”. If the spouses were not co-borrowers, it wouldn’t be easy to divide the outstanding debt after the divorce. The article of Anastasia Rastorgueva, Bar's partner, for “Vedomosti”
22 February 2017
“Have fired an employee for absenteeism and hard drinking? Don’t give them the second chance!” The article of Elena Mikhalevich, Bar's attorney, for “Director General” journal