23 August 2017
The “Arbitration practice for lawyers” journal has published the article by Anton Kulikov, Bar's lawyer, “The sentence suspended using a special procedure as evidence in arbitral proceedings. Three criteria when it is allowed”
10 August 2017
The review of the Judicial board's practice on economic disputes of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for July 2017
03 July 2017
History of State and Law journal (№13 - 2017) has published the article by lawyer Anton Kulikov “Probation under soviet criminal legislation”
08 June 2017
“Spouse property regime in relation to tangible media embodying results of intellectual activity. The article of Anastasia Rastorgueva for Juridical World journal (№5-2017)
02 June 2017
“Fifth Wheel: what questions are triggered by enforcement of Art. 313 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in economic disputes?”. Pavel Khlyustov's article for 'Your partner-consultant' newspaper
18 May 2017
“Division between the inheritors of property containing an exclusive right”. The article of Anastasia Rastorgueva, Bar's partner, for Notary research-practice and information journal