Mass media

26 June 2018
Typical offenses committed by fans. And possible punishment.
21 June 2018
Anastasia Rastorgueva, Managing Partner, of the Moscow bar Association «Barshchevsky & Partners», commented on the cases of abuses of the banks in relation to conscientious borrowers.
18 June 2018
Statute of limitations. The Plenum of the Supreme Court explained the interested party transactions.
14 June 2018
When the migrant is not deported for violations. Lawyer Elena Mikhalevich comments on the cases
07 June 2018
Pavel Hlystov comments the changes relate to the relationship between debtors, collectors and unscrupulous creditors. The amendment
05 June 2018
Lawyer Shamil Shihsaidov gives comments to the newspaper "Izvestia" about the responsibility of HIV-infected people for withholding information about his condition.