Mass media

26 October 2018
Taxes on property of citizens for last year calculated in a new way. President of the Bar Association Samvel Karakhanyan explains some details of the innovation of the tax authorities.
28 September 2018
Debtors on penalties for violation of traffic rules offers to deprive public services: legally or not? A detailed explanation, read the mini-interview attorney Andrey Tsibulskiy.
27 September 2018
Marriage wars, part 2.
21 September 2018
Marriage wars: how can a woman protect herself and her children in divorce?
12 September 2018
How to get into someone else's property and abandoned property? The lawyer of the Bar association Alexandra Didenko comments.
31 August 2018
The Russian Government is discussing about the compensation for the cost of major repair to apartments for civil servants. Anastasia Rastorgueva believes the proposal is ambiguous.