Anastasia Rastorgueva, Bar's partner, held a lecture at The NRU “Higher School of Economics”

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11 March 2016

Anastasia Rastorgueva, Bar's partner, held a lecture at The NRU “Higher School of Economics”

Meeting with Anastasia Rastorgueva

Anastasia Rastorgueva - partner of the Barshchevsky & Partners Moscow bar association held a meeting on the topic “How to start a successful career as a lawyer?”.

In our opinion, Anastasia is one of the most prominent lawyers of her generation, whose professional and personal qualities have allowed her to become a partner of one of the oldest boards of Moscow lawyers. Meeting her was a useful experience for young people interested in taking their first steps in the legal profession.

At the beginning, Anastasia gave a short lecture on the general principles of successful professional work. Among other things, a special emphasis was placed on the work to combat the negative qualities inherent in any person, laziness and self-pity. Anastasia complained of her own emotions and impulsivity, which repeatedly gave her problems in negotiations with clients.

According to Anastasia, nothing can be achieved without clear goals, including those that you want to achieve in 10 years. So look for the courage to set the most ambitious targets, but in order to reach them, you need to constantly track your time without wasting it in vain. At this point, the speaker showed a notebook, which she was never without.

Criticism of the system of education is training law students to work harder. In the era of universal access to information, many classes are converted into dramatic reading of codex, but do not give students the skills of their actual use. “We need to start work as soon as possible” - said Anastasia.

Questions from the audience were mostly personal: from advice on work, and assistance in choosing the right industry to the dress code of court hearings and personal car.