Corporate news

14 March 2018

The number of criminal cases in the business sector is growing, and the number of crimes - no

This was stated by the Samvel Karakhanyan, President of the Barshchevsky and Partners Bar Association of Moscow, commenting on the statistics of criminal cases in the entrepreneurial sphere for 2017. So, today fraud is the most applicable article of the criminal code in the field of entrepreneurship and business. Fraud in General, according to the Prosecutor General's office for the incomplete year 2017, has become the most common type of crime in Russia. At the same time, if we turn to statistics, S. Karakhanyan believes, the number of crimes in the sphere of entrepreneurship in comparison with 2015-16 years remained almost unchanged, and the number of initiated criminal cases has increased significantly. Meanwhile, not all illegal actions in the entrepreneurial sphere are part of a criminal offense.