Corporate news

11 April 2018

The average indicator of legal literacy in major Russian cities is the same as in Europe.

But this figure lags far behind the EU countries, as well as the UK and the US, if we take into account the legal literacy of the population of Russia in small towns, villages and in the whole country. This was stated by experts of the Moscow bar Association Moscow "Barshchevsky & Partners". At the same time, they believe that legal preparedness in the United States is higher than in the European Union, despite the excessive "packaging" of legal services in the United States into a standard consumer product.


"In my opinion, in the United States, legal services are consumer services, - said the President of the bar Association Moscow "Barshchevsky & Partners", doctor of law Samvel Karakhanyan. - Yes, legal protection in the United States is high, but the "supermarket style" dominating over common sense often gives rise to completely absurd situations, unlike in Europe. The factors that give rise to low legal literacy in Russia are often unequal. Among them there are both political and economic, and purely mental, inherent to our fellow citizens".

The main reasons for the lack of legal literacy of the population of Russia experts of the bar Assosiation consider the so-called "syndrome of learned failure". To which can be attributed the General level of distrust of the legal system, the poor quality of life in the country. 
"In large cities, Due to the fact that there live people with higher education, working in large commercial and state-owned companies, General legal literacy is about comparable to the average literacy rate in Europe and even in the United States, - emphasizes S. Karakhanyan, - but if the people of London and for example Southampton have the same quality of life and the same legal culture, in Russian cities with a population below 300 thousand the situation is quite different than in large cities.